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Conference to deploy digital certificates and score books, electronic school records

Conference to deploy digital certificates and score books, electronic school records

Digitizing school records and academic records is an important first step and a key step in the digital transformation of Quang Tri's education and training sector, towards smart education. From August 26, 2022 to August 27, 2022, the Department of Education and Training held a conference to deploy digital certificates and grade books, electronic school records (Conference), attended the Conference with 378 delegates who are officials. managers, informatics teachers, information technology staff, subject teachers at public educational institutions under the Department.

The conference implemented 04 contents: Issuing digital certificates for 1741 managers, teachers and employees (100% of public employees under the Department); guiding the installation and use of digital certificates in the digitization of school records (school records, electronic grade books, electronic documents, ....); discussion; implementing the plan to manage and use digital certificates in the near future.



Comrade Ho Cong Ngoc, Deputy Head of Quality Management and Information Technology Department delivered the opening speech of the Conference

Conference scene

At the end of the Conference, 100% of delegates were able to digitally sign electronic documents (documents, lesson plans, plans, ... of the unit); digital registration of academic records, electronic score books and the management of personal digital certificates.



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